The story of Tower Cancer Research Foundation’s flagship survivorship support program

Tower Cancer Research Foundation (TCRF) was established in 1996 by a driven group of physicians, patients, and volunteers with a personal stake in cancer to fund high-impact research to pave the way for new and better treatments.

A handful of these founding members had the idea to fund emotional support services for cancer patients and survivors in addition to the investments in research— and thus Magnolia House was born.

What started as a phone line more than a decade ago, quickly blossomed into a full-scale survivorship support program. The hope from day one was always to be able to provide a lifeline for people and be a resource for the mental, physical, and emotional support they needed to help improve their quality of life.

Once classes were added, Magnolia House started growing rapidly— beginning with only a handful of yoga classes and soon adding reiki and other movement classes. The popularity of the program made one thing clear: there was a tangible need for this kind of support.

With the COVID-19 pandemic came the necessity to create a virtual program and an unprecedented opportunity to support more people than ever before. The virtual component removed barriers for accessing and allowed people who did not have the strength, health, or ability to leave their homes to still be reached and still find community.

Today, Magnolia House offers over a hundred classes every month and receives over 20 thousand visits annually—with participants joining in Southern California and throughout the US.

Click here to read our participant testimonials and learn more about the Magnolia House community.

We are tremendously grateful to all of our generous supporters who have helped make the idea of Magnolia House a reality. Every conversation, class, and point of connection we get to share with participants is made possible through your support. We are honored to be able to facilitate this incredible community of compassionate individuals, committed to supporting each other throughout their journey.
Magnolia House

With gratitude to our generous supporters—


Magnolia House