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I do not know how I would have come through my experience without Magnolia House. The support and love and kindness are so important and wonderful. I am so very full of gratitude for all you do for all us…

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Testimonials from Magnolia House participants:



I am a different person, with so much more to give to others because of the strength I receive from the Magnolia House programs. My physical body has become healthier and my heart has opened as a result of attending classes both in person and on Zoom. The Magnolia participants and staff have truly become another “family”. The value of the relationships I have made at Magnolia is priceless. The quality of programming is top-notch. I will remain continuously grateful to Magnolia for all they have given to me and others to help make us well.



I am honored to have found and be included in the cozy warm blanket that is Magnolia House – the kindness and generosity of every single person that I have dealt with brings tears or relief to my overwhelmed soul – you guys are on the very top of my gratitude list every day.



Magnolia House literally gave me my life back. I have friends who understand how I really feel. I have the tools to navigate procedures, side effects, and stress. I have a new confidence and ever-improving health. I am empowered. I have hope, thanks to Magnolia House.



Magnolia House provides a safe, friendly family environment that nurtures my mind, body, and soul.



I am so grateful for the Magnolia House offerings. Being able to take classes online during cancer treatment and COVID really improved my quality of life. I always look forward to the instructors and other students in the classes. When I look back on the last year, I can see the physical progress I made in the exercise classes and I feel proud of myself!! I also reflect upon the sense of community I feel and I know that I’m doing better emotionally as well. Thank you!!


Magnolia House has been my lifeline during the pandemic. I’m grateful for the helpful staff and highly qualified instructors and presenters.



These classes have been invaluable to me during Covid. They get me out of my bedroom and moving and I feel less alone. Thank you.



Magnolia House’s offerings are foundational to my well-being and strength. I’m so appreciative of every aspect of what’s provided, and highly commend the supportive and caring staff, the dedicated and knowledgeable facilitators, the uplifting and meaningful variety of sessions, and how Magnolia House continues to serve all of us through these hard times.



Taking classes and being a part of the Magnolia community has allowed me to cope with my diagnosis and recovery by connecting me with others who know exactly how I feel and have been through or are going through a similar journey as me. I feel so lucky to have found Magnolia House Patient Support and I am so grateful to all of the staff, instructors, and my fellow patients who make up this incredible community!

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